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NIV Art Centre (New Delhi). 16.01.2016


Tushar Joag/Manu Uranga, Paribartana Mohanty/Esteban Torres Ayastuy, Sahej Rahal/Mike Marshall, Vaibhav Raj Shah/Lorea Alfaro, Ritesh Meshram/Ole Hagen, Charmi Gada Shah/Amanda Beech, B. Ajay Sharma/Bob Matthews, Anni Kumari/Kamil Piotr Adamus, Mohit Kant Mishra/Nisha Samuel.

1.Exhibition view at the NIV Art Centre (2015).jpg
Ideas Travel Faster than Light, view of the installation at the NIV Art Centre

Ideas travel faster than light is a collaborative project amongst a group of artists. Nine artists based in London/Bilbao/LA have been invited to submit proposals for new works together with instructions of how to make them and nine artists based in Delhi and Mumbai have been invited to produce them according to their interpretation and understanding. Once the works are made they become a collaboration between the artists. The works are exhibited at the NIV Art Centre alongside a publication that includes the text What is a Vector? Or, What is it to Travel Unlike Light? written by Mathew Poole. 


The main idea of the project came up as a practical solution to the problem of how to transport works across distances on a small budget. This became a matrix of ideas and things grew in response to the possibilities offered by that condition and situation. Since ideas have a level of materiality different to objects that occupy a physical space, they can be lighter cheaper and freer to move. 


Ideas travel faster than light facilitates the transporting of ideas from one place to another while extending them and re-contextualizing them in a new context. The process of writing instructions for new works in one place then making them in another, roots their origin in-between locations while activating a chain of events that embodies them of a history and a life-after, reproducing the mesmerizing relation of intimacy between the maker and its object. This has a strong sociological element since from the moment an artwork is transported from one country to another, mediated and re-interpreted by a different mindset, questions of intention and interpretation come to the surface. It is also an emotional journey. The works become emotional merchandise that instigates an exchange of emotions and languages of expression. Their life is outside any one person’s control. 


                                                       Jasone Miranda-Bilbao

1.B.Ajay Sharma, in response to prompt by Bob Matthews.jpg
B.Ajay Sharma Road to Return, 2016. Tie and dye woodprint on cotton, woodprint panels, bamboo frame. Dimensions: 2 panels 228 cm x 22cm each, 1 panel 374 cm. Installation size variable. In response to a prompt by Bob Matthews
2.Sahej Rahal, in responst to prompt by Mike Marshall.jpg
Sahej Rahal Forerunner (2013). HD Video. Duration 12:04 min. In response to an invocation by Mike Marshall. To the right Tushar Joag, B.Ajay Sharma. 
3.Ritesh Meshram_Ole Hagen.jpg
Ritesh Meshram Community Living and Global Communication, 2016. Mild steel, wood, found objects, pvc, gun metal, cotton belt. Dimensions variable. In response to a prompt by Ole Hagen
4.Tushar Joag_Manu Uranga.jpg
Tushar Joag Copy-Gio Bat in the Dark, 2016. Single channel video, PVC tubes with radium tapes. Duration 15min. 6 video cameras 
mounted on telescopic PVC tubes recorded a performative action by 12 participants. Dimensions: variable. In response to a prompt by Manu Uranga
5.Mohit Kant Mishra_Nisha Samuels.jpg
Mohit Kant Mishra Her, 2016. Graphic novel, digital prints. First edition (2 copies). 19.5x 13.5 cm. In response to a prompt by Nisha Samuels
6.Anni Kumari_Kamil Piotr Adamus.jpg
Anni Kumari 7th Row, Periodic Table, 2016. Digital prints on Epson paper, poems mounted on board. 22 boards 16.5” x 11” each. Size of the installation variable. In response to a prompt by Kamil Piotr Adamus
7.Charmi Gada Shah_Amanda Beech .jpg
Charmi Gada Shah Landscape, 2016. Glazed stoneware objects, wood, mirror etc. 8x 8x 8” (twice). In response to a prompt by Amanda Beech
8.Paribartanta Mohanti_Esteban Torres Ayastuy.jpg
Paribartana Mohanty Duck’s Back, 2015-2016. Single channel video, duration 16:30 min. In response to a prompt by Esteban Torres Ayastuy
9.Vaibhav Raj Shah_Lorea Alfaro.jpg
Vaibhav Raj Shah Original 37 kb Artist image superficially copied by another artist with -4.00 vision, outsourced to a vendor, magnified to a 7MB image using 200pixel dpi resolution, 2016. Digital print, 52x8 cm. In response to a prompt by Lorea Alfaro
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