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Ideas Travel Faster Than Light

Ideas travel faster than light is a modus operandi that sets up relations at distance. It invites artists from one place to propose ideas for artworks and artists from elsewhere to make them according to their interpretation and understanding.

The main idea of the project came up when Jasone felt she wanted to put artist friends who did not know each other in touch and as a practical solution of bringing their works together across distances, transporting them on a low budget. This became a matrix of events and things grew from there in response to the possibilities offered by that condition and situation. Since ideas have a level of materiality different to objects that occupy a physical space, they can be lighter cheaper and freer to move.

It is a relational configuration that re-addresses the balance between the work of art and the ideas that lie behind it in a way that it does not give authority to the power of one over the power of the other.

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