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Jindal Global University / Royal College of Art. 2.03.2021


Amalia Flarakou-Flari, Anika Ebby, Aradhita Maheshwari, Alex Beeston, Boyuan Wu, Diya Sharma, Diyou Yu, Emilie Meyn, Harriet Tinney, Ho-Ching Wong, Ira Sinha, Jianze Zhao, Kiran Mungekar, Kunj Chowla, Lakshmi Saruha Kilaru, Mandi Steward, Medhavi Bhatia, Meghana Priya Vasudevan, Mitali Sancheti, Muskan Agarwal, Muskan Manish Tibrewala, Nikhita Thevannoor, Oishika Sen, Olivia Wells, Poojitha Lara Palakirti, Ruoqi Wu, Sanika Rajpure, Sara Varady, Shrividhya Sadagopan, Tanisha Lamichhane, Tanya Arora, Tarini Haldule, Wei Wang, Xintong Zhang, Yiran Guo. Curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao 

Ideas travel faster than light is an ongoing collaborative project amongst artists. On this third edition students of Liberal Arts from Jindal Global University (Delhi) and Print from the Royal College of Art (London have exchanged prompts and ideas amongst each other, interpreted them and made the works according to their understanding. Due to the Covid19 crisis the works were exhibited online.

Poojita Lara Palakirti Transcendence, 2021. Watercolour paint, sound, moving image. Looped. In response to prompt by Sara Varady
Xintong Zhang A door, a chair and a person, 2021. Stop motion video, IPhone 7 plus. 2:35 min. In response to prompt by Sanika Rajpure
Jianze Zhao Rope Skipping, 2021. Mixed media. 27mmx40mm. In response to prompt by Ira Sinha
Diya Sharma Holding onto memories, 2021. Video, 3:05 min. In response to prompt by Diyou You
5.Amalia Flarakou-Flari.jpg
Amalia Flarakou-Flari Fluid Reflections, 2021. Digital print. 150x100 cm. In response to prompt by Medhavi Bhatia
Medhavi Bhatia Manila Rope, 2021. Video, 1:40 min. In response to prompt by Amalia Flarakou-Flari
Diyou Yu The Moments 'I' am away from myself, 2021. HD video, 2 minutes. In response to prompt by Diya Sharma
Nikhita Thevannoor Vallichedi2021. Digital photographs 8x10". In response to prompt by Emillie Meyn
9.Ira Sinha2.jpg
Ira Sinha Fuse, 2021. Digital image. 1200x1174mm. In response to prompt by Jianze Zhao
Aradhita Maheshwari Weeds 2021. 3 digital prints 12x6". In response to prompt by Xintong Zhang
Alex Bestow The rights, 2021. Digital image, size variable. In response to prompt by Tanya Arora
Kunj Chowla Libinal Camuflaje, 2021. 5 digital prints 7x5". In response to a prompt by Boyuan Wu
Boyuan Wu BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT! BUY IT ! BUY IT!... , 2021. Video 23 sec. In response to prompt by Kunj Chowla
Meghana Priya Vasudevan Dissociative Psych (e), Video 1:18 min, background track 'Magnifique' by Ratatat. In response to prompt by Alex Beeston
15.Tarini Haldule.IMG_2157.jpeg
Tarini Haldule in response to prompt by Yiran Guo
16.Mitali Sancheti1.Presentation,cropped.pdf.jpg
Mitali Sancheti Memory, 2021. Charcoal drawing. 559x762mm.Reflection, 2021. 5 sheets of paper size A5, soft pastels, photograph.  In response to prompt by Lakshmi Saruha Kilaru
17.Muskan Agarwal.processed-2.jpeg
Muskan Agarwal Paper Dreams, 2021. Gift box, cardboard box, chart paper, acrylic paint. In response to prompt by Harriet Tinney
Oishika Sen Fish out of water, 2021. 2 paintings acrylic on canvas 20x20cm, 24x18cm. In response to prompt by Mani Stewart 
Mandi Stewart Feeling Fear, 2021. Video, duration 40 sec. In response to prompt by Oishika Sen
20.Shrividhya Sadagopan.jpg
Shrividhya Sadagopan Unexplored mess, 2021. Oil paint on canvas. 8x10". In response to prompt by Ho-Ching Wong
21.Jeanie Wong. We stand alone and apart.jpg
Jeanie Wong We stand alone and apart, 2021. Gouache and colour pencil on paper. 33.5x30.5cm. In response to prompt by Shrividhya Sadagopan
Kiran Mungekar Shield, 2021. Watercolour paint, ink, dried leaves, bandage. 22x30". In response to prompt by Kiran Guo
Kiran Guo Fabric (flags on different settings). 50x70cm. In response to a prompt by Kiran Mungekar
24.Tanya Arora.IMG_9682 copy.jpg
Tanya Arora Silver Lining, 2021. Cloth, acrylic paint, pomp-pomps made with thread, room with mirror. Size of the installation variable
Emillie Meyn Impressions, 2021. Monoprints, 29.7x42cm. In response to a prompt by Mikhita Thevannoor
Lakshmi Sarah Kiralu Yellow confessions, 2021. Polaroids. In response to a prompt by Mitali Sancheti