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Filet (London). 20.06.2024 / 30.06.2024

Aakriti Chandervanshi, Aditi Kulkarni, Ana Genovés, Buket Yenidogan, Dheer Kaku, Ellie Reid, Hiromi Tsuha, Ian Gouldstone, Jessica Voorsanger, Johanna Love, Mhairi Vari, Niroj Satpathy, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Oona Grimes, Parul Gupta, Prasanta Mukherjee, Radhika Agarwala, Sabitha Kadannappalli, Sarah Staton, Shivangi Ladha, Sneh Mehra, Susanta Mandal, Willa Hilditch, Yuuki Horiuchi.


Curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao.

View of the exhibition at Filet

In 2022 Jasone Miranda-Bilbao co-curated the exhibition Two moons inspired by the science fiction novel ´Solaris´ of Stanislav Lem, in collaboration with Ashish Sahoo (Mazecollective Studio Terrace. New Delhi) where they filmed the works from above with a drone and showed the footage as part of the exhibition.  


Planetary Scale invites the artists to respond to this footage and consider a viewpoint that floats above and looks down upon artworks and world. This disembodied perspective echoes the current disconnection from material reality that allows us to communicate at distance but leaves us devoid of contact. Under these new circumstances, imagination can take over and become our primary reality. 

Right to left, Shivangi Ladha, Ian Gouldstone, Ellie Reid, Willa Hilditch, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Sneh Mehra, Oona Grimes, Ana Genovés, Aakriti Chandervanshi, Hiromi Tsuha, Mhairi Vari, Dheer Kaku.

Ellie Reid. From the series you follow me around, 2024. Platilon, latex talc. 266 x 47 x 52 cm.

Ana Genovés. [Relative data]

Mhairi Vari. Zone of middle dimensions (swerving matter), 2024. Video, audio and stuff. H.60cm x 30cm x 30cm approx.

´Formed from material gathered between New Delhi rooftops and London airports. Thanks to Jasone for sun salutations.´ MV

Right to left, Mhairi Vari, Dheer Kaku, Aakriti Chandervanshi, Ian Gouldstone, Ellie Reid, Willa Hilditch, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Sarah Staton, Sneh Mehra.

Dheer Kaku. Head in the sand. From the series: Casual Thoughts of Doom, 2024. Ink and graphite on archival paper (320 gsm). 53.3 x 73.7 cm.

Right to left, Sarah Staton, Sneh Mehra, Aakriti Chandervanshi, Hiromi Tsuha.

Sarah Staton. Dry Sea, Green Sea, Pink Fish, 2021. Glazed Ceramic. 60 x 40 x 6 cm.

Sneh Mehra. And in the cold light of day, 2024. Collage and Watercolour on wasli deckled edge paper. Each 34 x 23 cm.

Ian Gouldstone. Coincident, 2024. Live Computer Simulation on Painted LCD Display (d,w,h): 50 x 30 x 20 cm.

´This sculpture runs a live computer simulation on a painted LCD Display. Over time, elements of the simulation change unpredictably to create new relationships with the work's constant physical form.´ IG

Right to left, Shivanghi Ladha, Ian Gouldstone, Ellie Reid, Willa Hilditch, Niyeti Chadha Kannal, Aakriti Chandervanshi, Sarah Staton, Sneh Mehra, Oona Grimes. 

Niyeti Chadha Kannal. No Title, 2024. Balsa Wood. 74 x 30 x 3 cm.

Willa Hilditch. Bird I-II, 2024. Pencil on paper. 20 x 14.5cm / 20.5 x 14.7 cm.

Aakriti Chandervanshi. Where do all my lost balloons go?, 2023-ongoing. Digital Photographic Prints. 21 x 12 cm and 13 x 7.4 cm.

Right to left, Sneh Mehra, Oona Grimes, Aakriti Chandervanshi, Hiromi Tsuha.

Hiromi Tsuha. Untitled (sphere and surface), 2024. Mixed media. Size variable.

Sand. Sahara, Southern Morocco

Black Sand. Southern Iceland

Chalk. South East England

Rock Salt. Dead Sea area Israel

White sand. Okinawa Japan

Weathered brick. Chiang Mai Thailand

Pumice stone. Submarine volcano. Fukutokuokanoba Japan

Oona Grimes. Etruscan ghosts: Medea’s children #40 & #41 [framed diptych], 2024. Coloured pencil & collage on drafting film. H:37 x W:50.5 cm.


Right to left, Shivangi Ladha, Ian Gouldstone, Sarah Staton, Sneh Mehra, Oona Grimes, Mhairi Vari, Dheer Kaku.


Shivangi Ladha. Spiraling reflections, 2024. Screenprint, thread, acetate on canvas. Size variable.

View of the exhibition at Filet.

Right to left, Johanna Love Willa Hilditch, Jessica Voorsanger. 

Johanna Love. Reliquiengarten, 2023. Laser etched paper and graphite drawing pinned onto polystyrene board, 38.5 x 26.5 x 11cm.

´A microscopic particle of dust from a 15th century German reliquary, generated in collaboration with scientists at The Natural History Museum, London. ´ JL

Willa Hilditch. Bird III. 2024. Pencil on MDF. 20.5 x 12 x 1.2cm.

Jessica Voorsanger. Fabric construction with daisies, 2024. Vintage and new fabric with curtain rings. 73 x 45 x 2 cm.

Prasanta Mukherjee. Camouflage I and II, 2022. Painted Fiberglass. 45 x 26 x 7 cm.

Right to left, Prasanta Mukherjee, Radhika Agarwala, Johanna Love, Willa Hilditch, Jessica Voorsanger, Yuuki Horiuchi, Niroj Satpathy.

Niroj Satpathy. Family of the Landfill, 2023. Recycled wood, found objects, gold foil, fiber cast, copper wire. Dimensions variable. 

28b.middle image (video still).jpg
Radikha Agarwal. A Murmur in The Earth
00:00 / 15:06

Radhika Agarwala. Left, Isolated Studies on(un)natural Irregularities series (2021). Paper cast from debris, charcoal, graphite. 14.5 x 11 x 4 cm. 

Right, A Murmur In The Earth (2024). Sound. 16 minutes loop.

´I made Isolated Studies on (un)natural Irregularities in response to my experiences during the Cyclone Amphan hitting my homecity, Calcutta in India. A Murmur in The Earth explores heat and it’s emotional and ecological impact on humanity and on earth through sound.´ RA

Yuuki Horiuchi. Star Chart (Postcard), 2016-ongoing. Scratched lines on postcards. Dimensions variable.

View of the exhibition at Filet.

Parul Gupta. Interplay 142, 2023. Cyanotype print. 55.5 x 77 cm.

Susanta Mandal. Manufactured fantasy, 2024. Motor, steel thread, pulley, glass bowl, air pump, soap solution and programming circuit. Movement programming, Himanshu Bablani. Dimensions variable.

Left, Prasanta Mukherjee, Sabitha Kadannappalli, Aditi Kulkarni, Yuuki Horiuchi, Susanta Mandal.

Right, Sabitha Kadannappalli. When space is measured, 2024. Cotton fabric. 44 x 47 x 6 cm. 

Aditi Kulkarni. The Resonant. Un/fold Series. Realms of Reality, 2024. Wood, felt. 25.4 x 25.4 x 7.6 cm.

  Buket Yenidogan. Here comes the gods, 2024. Latex, video, looping.

As part of the exhibition Two moons that took place at the Mazecollective Studio Terrace (New Delhi, 2022) the curators, Ashish Sahoo and Jasone Miranda-Bilbao, filmed the works from above with a drone and included the video as part of the exhibition. Planetary Scale invites the artists to respond to this footage and consider a viewpoint that floats above and looks down upon artworks and world.


Two Moons artists, Anna Brass, Anto George, Esteban Torres Ayastuy, Ian Dawson, Irati Urrestarazu, Jignesh Panchal, Jos Martin, Karin Ruggaber, Leire Muñoz, Mark Hosking, Mhairi Vari, Niharika Chauhan, Oona Grimes, Plastique Fantastique, Sachin Tekade, Shivangi Ladha, Siddharta Kararwal, Vandana Kothari, William Farr.


©Ashish Sahoo, Jasone Miranda-Bilbao

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