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Online from 10:00 am 7 February 2023

Anna Brass, Hot Desque, Ian Dawson, Jemma Egan, Jignesh Panchal, Jos Martin, Karin Ruggaber, Leire Muñoz, Mark Hosking, Mhairi Vari, M Pravat, Ole Hagen, Oona Grimes, Plastique Fantastique, Sachin Tekade, Sarah Kate Wilson, Shivangi Ladha, Srinivas Kuruganti, Ted Le Swer, Vandana Kothari, Xintong Zhang.


Curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao.​


This is the third itineration of a series of exhibitions that started at the Mazecollective Studio Terrace (New Delhi) with 8x4. It glows light (19/11/2021) and 8x4. Two Moons (19/11/2022) co-curated by Jasone Miranda-Bilbao and Ashish Sahoo. It glows light brought to the terrace of the Mazecollective works that ‘glow in the dark’ at a time when the main objective of communication was to keep people at distance. Two moons celebrated the idea of travel and the possibility of gathering again around others, humans and non-humans.

Is the image even human? is an exhibition made up of two parts that operate in conjunction, one half takes place online, the other offline. The artists have all participated in the previous two editions. What we see now is the unfolding of their works and the artist responses to the project and possibilities it offers to them in terms of creativity.

The question Is the image even human? throws up the mind - what’s human about the image? Who else makes images, do they have an autonomous life of their own and can they exist independently from humans? And can we exist independently from them, think imagelessly? do we make images or do they make us? where do they originate and how might we live and think in their absence? The works in the exhibition look at us in a playful manner as if in a house of mirrors where the world seems to be arranged differently.

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